#Second Chance Animal Shelter

KEIKO (2008-2023), as you cross the rainbow bridge, where you run and play with your friends while waiting for me. One day I shall see you again.

This sassy girl came to my home and was filled with lots of joy and memories that last a lifetime.  Many sheltered dogs never had a chance to experience the warmth of a family till their last breath.  Every dog deserves a second chance beyond the shelter.  Perhaps,  there's something in your own life that could benefit from a fresh start, a new chapter filled with memories to cherish.

Is there anything you wanted to pursue, a dream you have set aside, or a challenge you'd like to overcome? Perhaps, her arrival is a gentle nudge to embrace my own second chance. Her departure sets a reminder to embark on a brave new chapter of discovery. Or whatever that might look like for you. This sassy girl has always been my inspiration and protector. She’ll be missed dearly.

When you decide to adopt, remember just like you've opened your home and heart to a deserving life, you deserve to extend the same kindness and opportunity to yourself.

Dream Freely & Wisely ; Jayne


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