This is about bookbinding and mosaic making.  Signatures are nested folds of paper in the language of bookbinding, are more than just pages... they chronicle. In these pages, they are dedicated to the books I had bound and the journey of mosaics making. 

Since 2012, mosaic making has always been the work of my art. The allure of cutting, laying, and assemblage of pieces together became a continuous expedition.  In addition to the passion for mosaic itself, In 2018 I stumbled upon bookbinding, the process opened up another unique sense of fulfillment, a satisfaction gleaned from transforming individual components into a complete book. Drawn to the intricacies of mosaic making and bookbinding, captivated by every tessera, every stitch from that moment, I was hooked. Within each shard, each thread, I found a sanctuary.



What holds mosaic pieces together? The adhesive that binds.  What binds the pages of the hand-sewn books? Threads that go through. But what holds us back? What are your dreams and desires?  This webpage is not about providing tutorials or tips.  But rather sharing stories on EVERYTHING ELSE that glues our lives together. Our stories, perhaps are stories of friendships, adventures, nature, food, music, and all other possibilities. Whether bitter or sweet, happy or sad, these stories are meant to inspire. Follow your own passions and embrace your dreams.

Dream Freely & Wisely; Jayne

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